Julia’s House – The Reason Why I’m Taking on the Challenge

Most of my blogs have focussed on my training as completing the challenge, however the underlying reason for taking on the challenge is to raise as much money as possible  for Julia’s House. I took the decision at the outset of this project that I wanted to support Julia’s HousJuliasHouseGirle and in doing so that I would also self fund the entire venture (circa £4,500) to maximise the donations received – it didn’t seem right that others should be paying for the challenge, I’d much rather any money raised went directly to the charity and the people who really matter.

As the challenge draws nearer and my training moves from building to sustaining my fitness level, it will be great just to spend some quality time with the family throughout August – something I simply take for granted. For many families, time spent together is so precious, Julia’s House is the only charity in Dorset that helps these families. Can you imagine what it would feel like if your child was born with a very serious illness for which there was no cure. On top of that devastating news, no-one can tell you how long your child will live, only that they will need constant care, day and night. Under this strain, many families fall apart.


Julia’s House – Rear Garden

Sadly, having a seriously ill child is something that can happen to anyone – and Julia’s House – The Dorset Children’s Hospice (Registered Charity Number 1067125) is the only charity in Dorset that helps these families.

Julia’s House nurses and carers provide life-changing support for parents and their children both in the hospice and in their own homes. They’re there year-round and in a crisis, offering emergency respite and overnight care. We are also there when the worst happens, offering emotional and practical support at the end of a child’s life..

I urge to you watch the linked YouTube video which explains a little more about the amazing service provided by this wonderful charity – Julia’s House YouTube Video.

It did shock me when I saw how much it costs to run Julia’s House each year and particularly when I found out that government funding accounts for just 7.5 per cent of the £3.9m Julia’s House needs to raise in 2014 to run this vital free service. The rest of the income is raised through the generosity of the Dorset community, corporate partners and charitable foundations.  While my challenge maybe tough, it’s not as tough as the challenges facing Julia’s House families every day – what greater motivator do I need to climb a tough mountain!

Finally please make a difference and make a donation – you can do so via my JustGiving Page.






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